Features :

1. Responsive Web App and Mobile App with unlimited pages for the lifetime with domain and Unlimited Hosting. 

Responsive means your App is displayed perfectly in the desktop computers, Laptops, Tabs and Mobiles according to their sizes.

2.  For every App,  .in.net domain is provided for the first year and the client should renew the domain from the next year as per its cost.

3.  If you want to purchase a separate domain, you can purchase any domain or allow us to purchase for you.

4.  Help videos are provide to you to design and develop your Web and Mobile App as per your requirement. You can easily design and develop your App for  the lifetime without being dependent on any Web designer or Web Developer by following only the help videos we provide. So your App is an App Builder for you for the lifetime.

5.  Unlimited Menu buttons and Unlimited Pages can be created for your Web and Mobile App as per your requirement as there is no limit.

6.  You can change everything of your App as per your requirement. For example, you can change the header and footer of the App, change the colour of the Menu buttons, change the background images of the App etc.

7.  File Manager is integrated in the App. So you may upload files through the file manager so that you can embed those files in the pages of your App.

8.  You can embed PDF documents, Youtube Videos etc in your App as per your requirement.

9.  You can created as many Private (Protected) pages as you want by protecting your pages by password.

10.  You can create Group content just like FB Group or Whatsapp Group and give permission to the people to access the Group content Page.

11.  You can use your App  as a Social Networking Software Just like Facebook. You can add friends, chat with them, send and recieve notifications, comment on any post,  show the content to them are block them. So, your App acts as a Social Networking Software.

12.  Applet Search Engine Page is provided with your app. Applet Search Engine acts just like Google using by which you can search for any content of the Applet Apps ( Apps created by the Members of Applet) and get the results instantly.  So your App is also a Search Engine !!!

13.  Your App is a great Text & Video Communication system. You may create as many Text Chat Rooms or Video Chat Rooms and chat with anybody in this world publicly  or you can create Secret Text Chat Rooms or Secret Video Chat Rooms as per your requirement.

14.  A Ready-made Applet Online Shop with 18 Software Products is integrated within your App so that you can sell the products of Applet as a reseller and earn income for the lifetime.

15.  Your own  Online Shop  is integrated within your App so that you can sell your own products  as a seller and earn income for the lifetime.

By purchasing this product you can create your own app, edit the app, earn through the app and sell to others.

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1. Applet Readymade App

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